Some tips on choosing shower heads that make your kids love having a shower

The majority of kids are not at all interested in taking a shower on a regular basis, they just don’t like it.

Many of them have come to like bath time, still, there is something that they cannot get their heads around. Well, this is not their mistake, we are quite averse to change and when children are not sure of why they have to start taking showers can get a little confusing.

But, there are several things you can surely do to select better showerheads that make your kids love taking a shower. Below are few tips you need to use if you really want to retain the love of shower in your kids.

So here we go.

Find showerheads that don’t spray water directly in their eyes

Have you seen a small kid, how they try to escape when mothers try to give them a shower? It’s not because that they are afraid of taking showers instead they are afraid of getting water or soap in their eyes.

This is quite obvious fear, and seriously there is no difficulty in solving this problem. You just need to go for a showerhead that does not sprinkle water directly on the rise just like a rainfall showerhead. You can also opt a shower wand that allows you to control the direction of the spray easily.

Speaking of that shower wand

If you have decided to upgrade your shower experience that your kids are going to enjoy the new shower head, there is serious need to consider a shower wand.

A right shower wand gives your kid the freedom to control the direction of the spray, and when kids get some kind of freedom anywhere they always love to do that work.

HandHeld Shower Head

Look for LED showerheads

LED showerheads are the craziest thing right now, you can find it in every price range. Consider installing one of these showerheads in your bathroom, who knows you have to beg your kids to come out of the bathroom.

These showerheads are really fun and their different colors surely attract the kids to go in. There is something about the technology that makes the boring shower more interesting. Hurry up, get one for your kid.

Showerheads that blow bubbles

There are several showerheads available in the market that actually create bubbles while they provide a shower experience. This can be one of the best ways to divert your kid’s mind and let them think a taking shower is a playtime and you can easily convince them to go into the bathroom.

All you have to do is supply the soap (and regularly top off the reservoir) and this effort this nothing as compared to any other tactics to handle your child’s tantrums. Also, it makes very easy to deal with angry kids at shower time.

Shower Head

Let’s convert the bathtime into creative time

There are several showerheads that are designed according to kids which includes water paints that your kid can easily use while having a shower. After that, you can easily wash away all that artwork without any a headache.

These showerheads are little expensive as compared to other showerheads but can be the best option if you really want to win over your kid those who really have a hard time in getting a shower.

Every second parent has to face such situations but with these simple tricks, you don’t have to worry much about the shower experience.

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