Some of the things you need to avoid when installing outdoor showerheads

Outdoor showerheads can be the most versatile showerhead for you and your family when it comes to warmer months of the year. There are a number of things you can do with an outdoor showerhead, it can be a great place to wash off before going inside or cleaning the equipment off. But, before you enjoy the richness of an outdoor showerhead, you must know how to properly install it.

Keeping that in mind, we have some advice for you. Below are the things you should avoid when installing outdoor showerheads.

1. Do not process without previous plumbing experience

You would definitely require some plumbing experience while installing outdoor showerhead. Before installing a showerhead, clear yourself with these questions. Have you ever replace any showerhead in the interior of your house before? Do you know what installation process might include?

Of course, it needs relatively low cost and half a day to install an outdoor showerhead but also it requires relatively high skills to perform the task.

2. Do not leave the water line ON when replacing outdoor showerhead

This is one of the simplest mistakes any first-time outdoor shower owners can make. They do not turn off the water shut off valve first and may end up opening the line and flooding the area around them. The pressure can build up and make the outdoor showerhead push itself out of the hands.

As long as you take time to close the valve, in that case, you may have already done some serious flooding damage to the area. Instead of cleaning the area afterward, make sure that you close the valve already.

water line

3. Do not attempt to replace the showerhead if there is chilling weather outside

There are two chances of risk if the weather outside is freezing. First one is, the freezing water in the pipes and showerhead will leave it useless. Also, the expanding water can put pressure on the interior components which result in greater wear and tear that can reduce the life of the product.

The second thing you have to think about is the sun. When the temperatures go down, the radiating effect of the sun can expand the metal and creates a less than a solid seal, thus, water can seep in and out from creating even more damage.

4. Do not relocate the water shut off valve outside the house

With home repair what happens is we always try to fix one thing while it requires more than one fix. This can be true for an outdoor shower as we barely use them and not often concerned about the functionalities as long as they work. Replacing an outdoor showerhead may force you to consider other improvements.

Do not relocate a water shut off valve outside the house, no matter what the reason is. It may be difficult for you to go inside to turn it on and off. Also, there are no chances of the valve can freeze open or shut.

valve outside the house

5. Do not assume that the drainage system will be the same

While replacing the outdoor showerhead, always remember that the splash system may be completely different. Do not replace the outdoor showerhead thinking that the drainage system will be the same.

This may look a minor thing to consider, but it could mean a many dollars of additional work depending on the quality of the outdoor shower and the space around it.

6. Do not go with a cheap outdoor showerhead model

If you are looking for showerhead specifically for an outdoor use, always remember with cost comes quality. If you go for a cheap model, then there is nothing to be shocked that if it stops working or wears down sooner than the expensive model.

While there are a number of things to consider, purchasing the right one is also very important. Carefully review the outdoor showerhead before buying.

cheap outdoor showerhead model

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