Need dinner for 4 in a pinch? Can’t remember if another couple and their 2 friends were coming along too? No worries! We’re here for you and the whole party, even the surprise plus ones!  Order online and your food will be ready in 15 minutes.

We can go big too. In fact, we’re pretty good at it. Did you forget about that office party for 25 or more people tomorrow? We’re not worried because one day’s notice is all we need. We’re ready to assist and we’re totally flexible. Just give us a shout.

We are here to help put together a delicious spread for your office lunch, tonight’s dinner or a party later this month.  If it’s a small get together, order online and your food will be ready in 15 minutes! If it’s a larger affair, we only need one day’s notice and you’re all set! We create custom menus too. Check out the different ways we cater below.


Simply give us a call at 310.838.3388 and we will create a special package that’s tailored just for you.

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